Experience PRogress

The Innovative Pitts System is Changing the Face of Orthodontics

The Pitts21 PRO Self-Ligating Bracket System is designed to deliver consistent results using the most innovative self-ligating bracket technology. With unrivaled early 3D control of torque, tip, and rotation, Pitts21 PRO aims to reduce treatment time helping you deliver beautiful finishes faster.

Ensure Patient Comfort

With smooth rounded edges.

Integrated Hooks

An available option on the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s for your convenience at no extra charge.

Earlier Initial Engagement

Proprietary progressive slot system, square in anterior and rectangular in posterior,

combined with the innovative Pitts archwire suite allows the practitioner to fill the

slot earlier in treatment without the excessive forces.

Easy Opening Door Design

The unique ligation system aims to provide reliability and easy operation. Easily opened with a twist using our Quick-Turn Tool and closed with a gloved finger.