Are Damon Bracket braces really better than traditional metal braces? The answer is “YES,” we love the Damon Braces System at Thatcher Orthodontics in Santa Barbara. We have much higher patient satisfaction with the Damon System and find that their “self ligating” brackets can reduce treatment time up to six months in many cases!

There is no need for rubber bands to hold the Damon brackets closed and they are much smaller, smoother and less irritating to cheeks and gums. Not to mention that they just look much better and less obvious than traditional brackets. Damon Braces are the new generation of braces in Santa Barbara

Here are a few great reasons to consider Damon Braces for advanced orthodontic treatment:

  • The smaller, sleeker brackets look nicer
  • No rubber band means less food gets caught in them
  • Smoother design is less irritating
  • Treatment time is reduced
  • Damon is on the cutting edge and constantly improving
  • Damon Bracket System can only be used by accredited Orthodontist ensuring quality in treatment